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双语: 趁春光正好 一起来练全新模式的瑜伽吧  

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The ancient Indian art of yoga has evolved from a niche activity of devout New Agers to part of the cultural mainstream, and a $27 billion (165.41 billion yuan) industry, according to the 2012 Yoga in America study released by San Francisco’s Yoga Journal.


The study also indicates that some 20 million people in the US, or 8.7 percent of American adults, practice yoga, from its First Lady Michelle Obama and stressed-out executives, to students and housewives.


What has changed, however, is not only the number, but also the style. Instead of just holding postures while breathing deeply, yoga has become a full-body workout involving many new elements. Check out the following trendy styles.


                                双语: 趁春光正好 一起来练全新模式的瑜伽吧

Yoga in heat pods:高温舱瑜伽

This style is similar to hot yoga, but still different. Rather than a course of 90 minutes in a heated room, it takes place in temperature-controlled glass pods heated to about 37 C in which yogis use weighted pulleys to work the entire body in just 30 minutes.


It’s more personal, as each individual has a trainer outside the pod for every part of the workout. Exercisers just need to care about their sweat. They can turn down the heat according to their tolerance.


The pod method is not new. It’s popular in Europe, especially Italy, and parts of South America. But the combination of pods and heat is a new trend that began in Argentina and became popular around 2013, when it spread to the US. It promises to activate metabolism and burn fat.


                           双语: 趁春光正好 一起来练全新模式的瑜伽吧

Hot yoga:高温瑜伽

Imagine yourself in a studio that is heated to 40 C, moving rapidly from one pose to the next for 90 minutes and leaving puddles of sweat behind. What an intense experience. Yes, that’s what hot yoga is all about.


Bikram is one well-known and trademarked style of hot yoga. It’s soaring in popularity. Even Lady Gaga, Madonna and other celebrities swear by it.

比克若姆热瑜伽是一种人气极高且极具标志性的高温瑜珈。它在瑜伽界的人气之高,甚至就连Lady Gaga、麦当娜等名人都是该瑜伽的铁杆粉。

Fans of hot yoga believe it forces the body to work harder and lose weight. But many medical experts worry it could cause health issues such as heat strokes, nausea or muscle cramps.


A 2013 study conducted by the American Council on Exercise at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse reveals that performing hot yoga is not harmful if done properly. As for the physical benefits, including muscular strength, endurance and flexibility, it won’t give you more than standard yoga.


                     双语: 趁春光正好 一起来练全新模式的瑜伽吧

Aerial/anti-gravity yoga:空中瑜伽/反重力瑜伽

Many yogis struggle with advanced poses like the headstand or handstand. But now, anti-gravity yoga means such challenges are easily overcome. With a silk hammock suspended from the ceiling, this style allows participants to stretch further and hold positions longer.


Whether flying through the air freely or forming a cocoon to find a state of zen, aerial yoga is fun and energetic. Being suspended helps decompress tight joints, promote blood flow, and relieve pressure.


Invented by Christopher Harrison, an American acrobat and gymnast in 1996, the anti-gravity fitness craze swept the US around 2012 and spread to Europe soon after. US actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who once wrote about practicing anti-gravity yoga on her blog, is one of the many crazy fans.


双语: 趁春光正好 一起来练全新模式的瑜伽吧

Laughter yoga:爱笑瑜伽

If laughter is the best medicine and yoga offers countless health benefits, the combination of the two must be infallible. In this seemingly silly and weird style of yoga, practitioners clap joyously, milk imaginary cows and sometimes roar like a lion. The aim is to induce laughter, which has been found to burn calories and lower blood sugar levels.


Started by medical doctor Madan Kataria from India in 1995, it combines gentle yoga breathing, stretching, and simulated unconditional laughter. As an infectious regime, it is a means to reduce anxiety and stress, as well as foster a positive attitude toward life and feelings of happiness.


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